The Best Skincare System for Dark Spots

Antioxidant-rich products with brightening properties to help pigmentation and dark spots.

Real Results

Jahlen J.
Acne, Dark Spots, Dryness
Kaitlin S.
Acne, Dark Spots, Oiliness
Danielle S.
Acne, Dark Spots, Dryness
"I had a lot of pimples on my chin. Although I tried not to pop them, they still left several dark spots. There were so many spots that my whole face skin was clear and bright but the whole chin area was very very dark. It looked like I had a beard. I felt very depressed because most anti-acne solutions I tried just could not get rid of these pimples. I was so thrilled when I found Y'OUR skin care because they take into account my acne location and acne dark spots in their intaking quiz. I've been using the skin care line for about 4 months now and I cannot be happier. I have no new chin pimples and most dark spots have faded. My overall skin is a lot brighter and for the first time I no longer feel so stressed out about my skin."
Alicia O.
Chin Acne, Dark Spots
"Wow. Wow. Wow. I have sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin. I am 35yo. I've used Y'our 3 weeks now. In this short period of time, dark marks have faded entirely (post-acne hyperpigmentation), my skin has smoothed out so much that I stopped using my primer, and my skin feels like buttah. If you have uneven skin tone, or if you have acne, or if you have fine lines or wrinkles, give this a chance. Totally worth an investment."
Amelia S.
Dark Spots, Age Spots, Sensitive
"When I first saw this product I was extremely curious as to whether or not it would work. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I started experiencing more frequent breakouts. After a week I noticed a reduction in irritation, and previous dark spots I had from before! I am just about two weeks in (hence only giving this 4 stars) but I REALLY love the WOW results I am seeing so far. I didn't have any expectations set for this, but I am SUPER glad I decided to try it out. Now my skin is balancing out, dark spots are fading, and my skin is baby soft"
Jessry S.
Dark Spots, Dryness

Understanding Dark Spots

Skin discoloration due to excess melanin production
The increase in melanin caused by excessive sun exposure, skin injuries or inflammation can make spots or patches of skin appear darker that surrounding areas, resulting in dark spots.
A multi-functional solution is a must
Products that are too strong can be irritating and drying, causing your skin to overproduce oil and be more bacteria-prone, which may worsen your dark spots. Picking the wrong active ingredients may have no effect on dark spots.
The secret to winning the battle
Using the right regimen for your dark spots and skin tolerance can effectively fade spots while keeping your skin healthy and balanced.

Meet the World’s Most Responsive Skincare System

light cream super charged with brightening ingredients
My skin is radiant and supple. The texture of my skin has improved dramatically!
It Just Works For Yuri.
premium skin care treatment for men
Taking the quiz was cool and getting the results was exciting! I've been using the Y'OUR system for a few weeks now and my skin is brighter and no blemishes!
It Just Works For Cody.
beautiful dark skin women after doing fresh morning skin care routine
I got my set and love it!! It really makes a difference in skincare mindset to know that you are using exactly what your skin needs!
It Just Works For Melisza.
young girl in healthy-looking skin
Taking the quiz was cool and getting the results was exciting! I've been using the Y'OUR system for a few weeks now and my skin is brighter and no blemishes
It Just Works For Lisa.
wrinkle-free elderly women applying luxurious anti-aging cream
I love that it's customized for me and non-toxic. Rather than experimenting with numerous brands, this is the perfect solution for my skincare routine.
It Just Works For Shivika.
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people of color glowing in their own skin thanks to Y'OUR

We take the guesswork out of skincare forever with a system optimized for Y’OUR Four Factors.





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How It Just Works for You
Focused on You

Our quiz analyzes Y’OUR Four Factors: how your skin acts naturally, what you expose it to, the way you treat it, and the positive changes you want to see.

Easy For You

Our intelligent Skin AI ® algorithm creates your optimal skincare system—four products that work perfectly together to target multiple goals.

Grow With You

Our in-person concierge team of MIT data scientists, chemists, and hygienists continually customize your formulas based on your feedback and changes in your world.

hyaluronic serum to leave skin plump and hydrated
Y'OUR 4-step personalized skincare curated to your unique skin's needs
young men applying advanced moisturizing night cream to goodbye face fatigue and dryness top-rated personalized skincare products white cream texture
Powered by Data Science & Human Expertise

We use a combination that’s as unique as you are to create a truly responsive skincare system.

Our Personal Product Promise

Our founders ask themselves:
Is it safe to use while I’m pregnant?
Would I recommend it to my mom?

Our Ask Us Anything Approach

All things that affect your skin are our speciality. No question is too personal.







deep moisturizing cream that nourishes and repairs the skin overnight young men applying advanced moisturizing night cream to goodbye face fatigue and dryness white cream texture custom facial serum that has the highest concentration of active ingredients custom day cream that has skin-quenching hydration and SPF

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