Our story

Y'OUR skin care was inspired by my own personal struggle.

Before starting Y’OUR™, I had endless skin issues. My skin was frustratingly temperamental, with an oily t-zone, sensitive dry patches, and occasional hormonal breakouts. I was constantly searching for a fix. No products seemed to work and if they did, it was only for a short time before reverting back to how it had been before.

Knowing how toxic ingredients could affect my health, I longed for products that utilized natural ingredients. While there was tons of research on artificial ingredients, there was very little on natural ingredients. The only way to research these natural ingredients was through a lengthy and expensive process of trial and error. I knew that once I was able to figure out these ingredients, I wanted to dedicate myself to helping others effortlessly find the skincare that works for them, without having to go through the pain I did.

As an MIT-trained data scientist, I partnered with my friend Jenny Nguyen, a serial beauty entrepreneur, who had years of experience working with her customers, their skin types, diet, living environment, and knowing which ingredients that had worked for them. Through artificial intelligence and data science, we were able to create an algorithm that applies advanced technology to your individual skin’s needs and finds the best possible skincare ritual to address your concerns.

Your skin is your first impression to the world, and you deserve to have it be as fresh and glowing as you. We hope we can share our expertise to help you get the beautiful glowing skin you deserve.

With love,

Hannah & Jenny