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Meet Jenny & Hannah

Y'OUR co-founders

When beauty entrepreneur Jenny and a MIT data scientist Hannah discovered their shared frustration with finding the right skincare and mutual desire to help people feel their best, Y’OUR Skincare was born.

Jenny had spent years in the beauty industry—talking directly to customers about their concerns and getting past bogus claims. When she finally cured her own acne, she understood how powerful the right routine can be to transform your skin and your confidence.

Y'OUR co-founders

As a consumer concerned about toxic ingredients, Hannah had been using her analytical skills to test and research products with natural ingredients herself—looking for the right non-harmful combinations to fix her oily t-zone and sensitive dry patches.

cruelty-free and organic skincare products

Together, they created a unique algorithm that’s driven by powerful AI and human insights to fully assess your skin’s needs, then create a personalized regimen that changes with you.

Because they believe every person should be able to have the confidence and “I can do anything” feeling that comes with having great skin.

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We want every person to have the confidence that comes with having great skin.

Our Personal


We care deeply about the ingredients we put into and onto our bodies. When it’s time to test our products, our founders ask themselves two questions:

(1) Is it safe to use while I’m pregnant?

(2) Would I recommend it to my mom?

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Ask us anything about the factors that affect your skin—from the products you use to your diet and exercise. If there’s a product from another brand you can’t live without, we’ll work it into your system. If there’s a lifestyle change that would benefit your skin, we’ll recommend it. Our team is always here to help you.