How can I see the full ingredient list?

A detailed list of ingredients is provided upon request. Please email support@y-ourskin.com to receive your full ingredient list.

I'm allergic to an ingredient listed. Is it possible to have my skin care kit re-formulated without a certain ingredient?

Of course! Please email support@y-ourskin.com so that your skin consultant can examine your regimen and personal skin results. Since removing one ingredient may affect other ingredients and the effectiveness of your skin care routine in general, your skin consultant will assist you in discussing effective alternatives to safely avoid allergic reaction.

The makeup I wear already contains SPF; can my day cream be formulated without SPF?

Sun protection is critical for protecting your skin, preventing premature aging, dark spots, and making sure the ingredients in your skin care remain active. We highly recommend using sunscreen daily, which is why we automatically include it in our day cream formula. However, if you already wear makeup that contains enough SPF or your own favorite sunscreen, your day cream can be made without SPF. Please email support@y-ourskin.com and our skin consultant can assist you.

Do you provide samples?

Samples are not offered at this time, due to the fact that no real effects can be felt from only a few days of sampling a skin care product. Though there are some ingredients such as fillers and mineral oils that will leave your skin with an immediate softening satisfaction, these types of ingredients are not healthy for skin long-term. Our products are focused on improving the overall health of your skin long-term, which is why we include ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin A whose effects aren’t observed or felt immediately. We want to improve your skin and skin health from the inside, not just another "feel good" skin care. If you have specific concerns or questions about anything before you commit to your purchase, don’t hesitate to email support@y-ourskin.com or browse our testimonials.

What if I don't like the products I receive?

We would be happy to tweak your formulas anytime in the first 3 months to ensure you love Y'OUR™ skin care regimen. This would be at no additional cost or purchase. Let us know what you don’t like by emailing support@y-ourskin.com, and your skin consultant will adjust your regimen to make sure you get the skin care you love.

Can I purchase individual products?

Individual products can be purchased upon request. Just send us an email to support@y-ourskin.com and our skin consultant will email you a special link to purchase individual products from your custom formula regimen.

Keep in mind, though, that we strongly encourage using Y'OUR™ entire regimen of products, because as many as 80% people unknowingly combine conflicting skin care products. When certain ingredients and concentrations are used in combination with others, it can render their effects useless, making your skin care less effective, useless, or worse – it can cause irritation and break outs. By using Y'OUR entire system, you minimize skin care conflicts and make sure your skin care is as effective as possible.

Can I purchase the products without enrolling in a subscription?

Yes! Please email support@y-ourskin.com and we will send you an invoice for a single payment.

I’m confused about pricing. Does the kit cost $65 total or is it $65/month? How much product do I receive for those prices?

The kit that you receive includes enough product to use for 3 months for the average user. (60ml cleanser, 30g day cream, 15ml serum and 30g night cream). Though we offer a monthly payment plan for users who prefer a lower upfront cost, we only ship once per 3 months – not only does it reduce the environmental footprint, it also keeps our shipping costs low to allow us to offer our products at the lowest price point possible to our users. We have found that most users prefer to receive a standard-sized kit every 3 months rather than a smaller, one-month supply every month at a higher shipping rate. We do, however, support 2 payment options: the monthly payment plan for $65/month (equivalent to $2.16/day) or 3-month payment plan for $180/3 months (equivalent to $2/day).

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription by emailing support@y-ourskin.com. You won't get charged for the next shipment if you cancel before it is processed (3 days before your 3-month supply renewal date). You will still need to complete any remaining payment installments for any shipment you've already received. Due to health and hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns and no refunds will be issued for partially used products.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at support@y-ourskin.com