Skin care 101

The Routine That Changed My Skin for Good

Finding the right products to work with my skin has always been a struggle. My skin is a tricky combination of oily in some areas, but dry and dull in others. I’ve even begun to see wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes when I smile. Anti-acne products are harsh and targeted for younger skin types and always end up drying out my oily skin, but anti-aging products trigger my acne as they are made for much older skin. I was struggling to find products tailored to my skin until a friend told me to take the Y’OUR Skin Quiz.


How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads Forever

We all know the struggle of dealing with pesky whiteheads. The white, round bumps on the surface of your skin, that love to come along with hormonal breakouts and acne. Whiteheads are a clogged pore covered with a thin layer of skin, giving it the appearance of a small white bump. While they may look smaller, these small bumps are actually harder to treat than their dark counterparts, blackheads. Both of these are signs of clogged pores, but whiteheads are further under the skin, making it more difficult for treatment to work. They are easier to treat than red inflamed pimples, which represent more of a bacterial reaction or your skins sensitive reaction to irritation.


How to get rid of blackheads instantly

I’ve had blackheads my entire life. Or to be more specific, ever since that inevitable and fateful day that my hormones shifted, and I began the transformation into a woman. My body adjusted over time, but the blackheads have remained a lifelong nemesis. Copious amounts of black pores dot my nose, making me feel unattractive and, to be honest, gross.


5 Foods That Cause Acne & The Clear Skin Diet

Your diet and the foods you eat have an impact on every part of your life, including your skin. Many people look for years for the solutions to common skin issues, only to find out that their diet could have been causing acne or dryness all along. Learn more about how your skin reacts to common irritants and find out how you can improve your skin, from the inside out.


Because no cream fits all, get regimen