Does tea tree oil prevent acne?

Does tea tree oil really prevent acne or is it just a myth? Let's me explain...

Nope. Tea tree oil doesn’t prevent acne.

So why do so many people swear by tea tree oil?

Yeah, I actually still have friends that mention tea tree oil to me when I tell them I work in the skin care. I always have to be kind of tactful so I don’t come across like a jerk or a know-it-all, but I’m going to tell YOU here from the safety of my computer where you can’t roll your eyes at me…

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. That’s totally true. Science backs it up (I’m a big fan of science, I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now).

When you put tea tree oil on a pimple, it kills the bacteria that causes or irritates pimples, and it even helps the acne heal. It makes a wonderful, natural spot treatment for acne, in fact.

And I love the smell – especially when I need a little morning invigorating sinus clearing scent! HA!

But it doesn’t prevent acne.

To prevent acne, you need to understand why you get acne to begin with. If you’ve been paying attention AT ALL to my random banter all this time, you know that acne comes from a combination of all aspects of skin care and your lifestyle, which involves everything from the pollution levels of the air to your genetic background.

So, if you really want to prevent acne, what do you do? We got a solution just for you!

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