7 ways to reduce wrinkles and look younger instantly

Wherever you are in your wrinkle-journey, we can all agree that wrinkles are a part of life & something we probably hope to avoid for as long as possible. You may have also wondered how to get rid of those pesky wrinkles once they’ve officially set into your skin.

While it can be frustrating to wake up to new wrinkles each morning, the good new is that there are solutions that don’t involve spending a ton of money at the doctor’s office.

In fact, it can be as simple as having a personalized skin care routine in place & following the 7 quick tips below. Start implementing them today to erase those wrinkles & have noticeably younger skin.

1. Your moisturizer matters. The purpose of moisturizer is to plump up your skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. The higher the quality of moisturizer you use, the more effective it will be at reducing & preventing wrinkles.

2. Utilize Vitamins. Instead of ingesting the capsule, using vitamin-packed skin care can soften the wrinkles & reduce their appearance.

3. Opt for matte finish makeup. Shimmery makeup can be fun, but it can actually accentuate wrinkles. By using makeup with a matte finish, you can ensure the shimmery product doesn’t set into the wrinkles, causing unwanted illumination.

4. Prime your skin. Primers can be used for more than just makeup prep: using primer to fill in those wrinkles causes the foundation to sit above the wrinkles, rather than filling them in & causing accentuation.

5. Sweep product upwards. This one is really a simple gravity trick: during any makeup powder application, apply the product in an upward, sweeping motion. By drawing the attention upwards, it gives the look of a face lift, causing an overall younger look.

6. Avoid pulling on your skin. The same philosophy above goes for applying any creamy products: always apply product in an upward, gentle motion. Pulling down on your skin can age it quicker, causing more wrinkles & fine lines to develop.

7. Let your sunscreen do the work. Surprisingly enough, by using a quality, non-toxic sunscreen, you are giving your skin a chance to rest, instead of fighting against harmful UV rays. This break allows your skin to rejuvenate & fight against wrinkles.

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