Sunscreen: is it really necessary to wear every day?

Today I wanted to talk about an essential question that plagues so many when it comes to skin care: Sunscreen—is it really necessary?

Sunscreen can feel like such an annoying extra step—it’s sticky, it feels gross and some people feel like it suffocates their skin, causing acne. Eww, right!?

On the other hand, you could ask 1000 dermatologists this same question and I’m pretty sure they’ll all give you the same answer: YES! Wear Your Sunscreen!

That’s because sunscreen is seriously essential to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. On the extreme end of things, sunscreen prevents skin cancer!!! Which I think we can agree is pretty darn important.

But let’s talk about three of the more immediate benefits of sunscreen:

1. Sunscreen prevents wrinkles!!!

If you want your skin to radiate youth, elasticity and health for a long time to come, you’d better slap on that sunscreen.

UVA rays from the sun contain a super high level of free radicals which break down collagen in your skin—causing wrinkles! Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays will penetrate right through clouds and windows, so you can get blasted by these rays even when you’re sitting next to a window on a cloudy day! This is why you must wear sunscreen every single day, no matter what.

If you aren’t convinced, just check out this photo that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

Pretty scary, huh? And that’s not all…

2. Sunrays cause uneven skin tone!

When the rays from the sun hit our skin, our skin produces extra melanin (the thing that makes us tan). When your skin cells produce unequal amounts of melanin, some cells will be lighter and some will be darker, which will make your skin tone look blotchy and can even cause dark spots!

Not so awesome. Luckily, sunscreen helps to maintain smooth, even looking skin. And there’s more:

3. Sun makes your skincare ineffective!

By now you probably get just how strong the sun’s rays are—if they can break down the collagen in your skin, they are definitely capable of breaking down the most potent anti-aging and anti-acne ingredients in your skincare products. And this is exactly what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen: the helpful ingredients just stop working.

We know picking the right sunscreen for your skin can be an annoying challenge. That’s why we take your personal skin type and lifestyle into account—so we can give you the best possible sunscreen for you. Cause we want you to have healthy, happy and protected skin!

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