Survey says you’re likely overwashing your face

Maybe you already knew this, but overwashing your skin is actually a thing. In fact, more people overwash their skin than those who don’t wash enough. You would probably think it’s the other way around.

People with oily skin are the most common overwash offenders. I get it, you get self conscious about shiny face syndrome so you take every opportunity in the bathroom to work in a quick scrub. (Don’t forget, I used to be the same way!)

Just like overwashing your hair, if you wash your skin too often, you strip away the natural protective barrier that protect your skin from bacteria and pollutants.

If you don’t let your skin do it’s job naturally, you could make your acne worse or speed up the aging process!

So, does that mean I’m suggesting you ditch the facewash altogether? Nope. It is important to knock back the buildup of dirt, oil, and grime so it doesn’t clog your pores and get infected.

So how much is enough?

Studies show that the perfect balance is to wash your face twice a day.

First thing in the morning, you wash off the build-up of oil overnight, and late in the day, you wash away the accumulation of dirt and pollution.

If you can’t stomach the idea of not washing your face a few more times throughout the day, perhaps it’s time to try a different facewash.

When you match your face cleanser products directly to the environment in which you live and the type of skin and oil content your have, your face will feel fresh all day from your morning wash. Don’t forget, the Y’OUR algorithm calculated the perfect amount of “cleanse” your skin needs. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and fresh so you can stop overwashing your face.

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