The Routine That Changed My Skin for Good

Finding the right products to work with my skin has always been a struggle. My skin is a tricky combination of oily in some areas, but dry and dull in others. I’ve even begun to see wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes when I smile. Anti-acne products are harsh and targeted for younger skin types and always end up drying out my oily skin, but anti-aging products trigger my acne as they are made for much older skin. I was struggling to find products tailored to my skin until a friend told me to take the Y’OUR Skin Quiz.

The Y’OUR Skin Quiz contains a series of questions about my skin type, concerns, and current products that you use. It only took me a couple minutes to complete and afterward it provided a daily regimen with recommendations for my unique skin. It explained to me the natural, active ingredients that could help treat some of my skin concerns, and what products would work best together.

The daily regimen recommended to me contains 4 simple steps, so it is very easy to follow and stick to a routine. The products are affordable, made with natural ingredients, and easy to purchase online.

After one week of using my prescribed regimen, my skin is completely different! The regimen recommended to me is so accurate because the AI algorithm analyzes what worked for people with similar skin to find out which ingredients will work for me. My skin is completely clear now and feels soft and fresh every day. I love how even and radiant my skin looks, and it lasts all day. The recommended regimen will grow with me and I'm so excited that my next shipment will focus on anti-aging and evening out my skin tone.

If you are struggling with finding the perfect daily skin-care products for you, I highly recommend you take the skin quiz. Allow the specialized algorithm to find the perfect solution for you. All of these products have clean ingredients, no fillers, and they're all cruelty-free, made in the USA. Guilt-free skin care personally designed for you, what else could you want? Take the skin quiz today and find your skin’s glowing potential!

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