Are high priced skin care products better than lower cost items?

I know – I KNOW I know I know. Skin care products and the crazy range of prices they come in. Let’s talk about it, ok? I’ll be super transparent about why Y’OUR customized skin care routine is pricier than your generic $10 face cleansers. (AND why it’s wayyy cheaper than the $400/month luxury brands)

There are 4 factors that contribute to the cost of skin care products:

1. Ingredients: Natural products are always going to be more expensive than synthetic ones. To farm and collect enough plant material to generate a bottle of antioxidant serum, for example, is well above the cost of ingredients synthesized in labs. (And while you can never guarantee that expensive products are always of great quality, you can know for certain that cheap products are made with cheap, low-quality ingredients.)

2. Packaging: Beautiful packaging might catch your fancy on Instagram ads, but keep in mind that high-end designers and packaging materials can double or triple the cost of your product. And it goes both ways – you could spend a ton of money on a low-quality product wrapped in an expensive package. OR you could spend the same amount on a high-quality product in simple packaging.

Have you seen our packaging yet!? It doesn’t get much more simple than that! We invest on what’s inside the bottle and the science that customizes your regimen perfectly.

3. Marketing: Speaking of those beautiful Instagram ads, don’t forget how expensive good photographers and models are…and if there’s a celebrity endorsing the product? Bye bye paycheck, hello $400/month skin care kits.

4. Manufacturing: “Made in the USA” is more than a badge of national honor – it’s a sign of strict quality control. Bargain basement manufacturing costs mean skirted standards in both ingredient safety and the safety & standards of the labor employees putting products together.

Our philosophy when it comes to pricing is transparent:

  • highest quality ingredients,
  • made in the USA,
  • at the best price possible.
  • We know that means we can’t compete with drugstore products in term of our pricing, but we refuse to compromise the quality of any ingredient that you’re putting on your face every single day.

    Therefore, how much you should spend on skin care really depends on what you value. If you like what we stand for, then by all means, click here to check out the price structure for your personalized skin care kit.

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