Skin care and the cost of packaging

We’ve spoken before about skin care prices and the wacky variation of cost: sometimes crazy expensive, and sometimes dubiously cheap. 

What’s the deal?  Is the quality of skin care directly reflected in its cost, or is there more going on?

The simple answer is no. No, it isn’t.  But the full answer is a bit more complex than that—certainly quality effects price. But does it account for a $400 pot of face cream? Not so much… Those wildly high prices are due to something else far less involved in the actual product which you’re applying to your skin.

So what exactly IS going into the price of your lotions, cleansers, creams, serums and toners? Well…

For one thing, great ingredients DO cost more than lesser quality ingredients. Having a customized skin care regimen like Y’OUR Skin Care costs more than some others, for example, because we do use top notch, healthy ingredients that your skin will simply devour with gratitude. On the other hand, we also pride ourselves in keeping the cost down—way down—than the vast majority of luxury brands because we use simple packaging and marketing.  

That’s right. Packaging and marketing account for a huge proportion of those unwarranted skin care price tags. But you’ve got to be careful in both directions. That is, super cheap brands aren’t necessarily such a great skin investment either (think inferior ingredients). 

You deserve to know what you’re paying for when you choose a skin care regime, because you want something that will make your skin happy first, and your wallet happy second. You can have both! In this article we’ll break down skin care cost into the nitty gritty details. 

There are four factors that usually have the biggest influence on cost. They are: 

Let’s dive into the particulars!



Ingredients are the first price point to consider, since this is the soul of a product and what ultimately makes a difference to your skin.  When choosing a skin care line, you want to choose high quality ingredients. 

Natural ingredients are typically more expensive than synthetic ones. To farm and collect enough plant material to generate a bottle of antioxidant toner, for example, is well above the cost of ingredients synthesized in labs.  (And while you can never guarantee that expensive products are always of great quality, you can know for certain that cheap products are made with cheap, low-quality ingredients.)

When deciding on the importance of skin care ingredients, consider this: your skin is porous.  That is, it absorbs whatever you put on it. In fact, ingredients used topically will even show up in the blood stream. 

So… does it make you happy to use cheaper synthetic ingredients on your skin in order to save a few bucks? Or do you want to pay a little more for healthy, natural ingredients that your skin adores?

 At Y’OUR, we believe in using natural ingredients. Our skin is an organ, after all. It should be treated with the same respect that we would treat any other organ in our body. It deserves to be fed healthy food that feels good and works.  

While using high quality, natural ingredients does mean that our price point is higher than your average drug store brand, we believe it’s well worth every penny. Because we genuinely want our skin care products to make you feel beautiful – and more. We want your skin to be healthy, happy and glowing!  

On the other hand, we also want to make sure that our products are affordable for everyone. That’s why while we are charging for the quality of great, natural ingredients that work, we are not charging for the more superfluous things that can take the cost up about 5 notches. Things like…


Complicated, sumptuous packaging costs a fortune! Really. 

When you purchase a product with lavish packaging, what you’re really paying for is an aesthetic that makes you feel fancy and expensive. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, so long as you know where your money is being invested. Hint: What you are not paying for is a significantly better product and more beautiful skin!  

High-end designers and packaging materials can double or triple the cost of your product.  You could spend a ton of money on a low-quality product wrapped in a gorgeous—but expensive—package. 

But it goes the other way too! You could spend far less on a high-quality product in simple packaging…like the packaging Y’OUR skin care products arrive in.

Trust us: our product is every bit as desirable and luxurious as the high cost brands. BUT, we want to make our line of skin care available to everyone! Because you all deserve to have great skin. That’s why we keep our packaging simple and straight forward—so you don’t have to pay the cost of fancy containers. 

Have you seen our packaging yet? Super simple. 

At Y’OUR, we make packaging that is attractive but minimalistic and, best of all, doesn’t cost a fortune. We invest on what’s inside the bottle instead—and the science that customizes your product perfectly. We do this so we can keep our skin line affordable and accessible to everyone, because great skin doesn’t need to cost you your entire paycheck! 

How else do we keep the cost down for you? Well, we don’t invest in extravagant...


Marketing goes hand in hand with packaging. Luxury beauty and skin care lines spend a fortune on extravagant marketing because, ultimately, they are selling a lifestyle along with their products. The problem with this is that the customer—you—must pay for that marketing when you purchase the product. After all, somebody has to pay for it! And it certainly won’t be the company. No. Those costs are built into every product sold. 

And just think how expensive good photographers and models are…and if there’s a celebrity endorsing the product? Bye bye paycheck, hello $400/month skin care kits! 

What it comes down to is this: more expensive does not equal better! The point is to find products that work for Y’OUR skin. And we’re happy to see the customer reviews reflecting that it does. People are raving about how soft their skin feels, the natural glow that now emanates since they began their…uh…Y’OUR…skin routine. 

It works because it’s formulated specifically to support Y’OUR unique skin type. It works because the ingredients are high quality, clean and natural. And it works because it is designed to work, based on science. 

There’s one more area that leads to cost, and while it doesn’t directly involve the quality and effectiveness of the final product, we think it’s important. That is:


Manufacturing is the 4th primary source of cost for all producers. It includes facilities, machinery and employees. And responsible manufacturing practices cost more than irresponsible practices. This is an important aspect of conscious consumerism and an important cost factor for the consumer to be aware of. What sort of manufacturing standards do you want to support with your hard won money?  

Think about it: when you buy dirt cheap products, how is the producer affording it? Too often, the cost is coming from irresponsible manufacturing practices and when you purchase these items, you’re often supporting lower standards of employee care (think sweat shops). If you believe in people being treated with respect, you want to support industries who have high standards for their workers. 

That’s why at Y’OUR Skin, we take pride in making all our products in the US.  “Made in the USA” is more than a badge of national honor – it’s a sign of strict quality control.  Bargain basement manufacturing costs mean skirted standards in both ingredient safety and the safety and standards of the labor employees putting products together.  

Does it mean we have to pay a little bit more? Sure. But we think it’s worth it. We believe it’s important that our skin line have integrity all the way through the process. And that means you can use our products with confidence, guilt free!  



Our philosophy when it comes to pricing is transparent. When you buy Y’OUR skin products, you’re paying for the highest quality ingredients and excellent made in the USA manufacturing policies. And we give you all that at the best price possible—with simple packaging and marketing.  

While we know using fantastic natural ingredients means we can’t compete with drugstore products in term of our pricing, we refuse to compromise the quality of any ingredient that you’re putting on your face every single day. But we still want to make our skin care line as affordable as possible—because it’s awesome! And everyone should get to enjoy amazing, healthy skin! 

That’s why we use attractive but minimalistic packaging and marketing that doesn’t cost you an unnecessary fortune. 

How much you want to spend on skin care really depends on what you value. If you like what we stand for, we would be honored to provide you with beautiful skin care products. Simply click here to take Y’OUR skin type quiz check out the price structure for Y’OUR personalized skin care kit. 

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