What happens when you switch to a new skincare

You started a new skincare routine and your skin suddenly starts flaking. Should you be worried?

In the first few weeks of adjusting to a new skincare regimen, it’s completely normal to get temporary flaking. The flaking you see isn’t dryness or chapping, rather it is caused by dead skin and impurities coming off. This is especially common when you don't exfoliate frequently and your new skincare regimen contains exfoliating ingredients.

It is actually great news - as it’s working! Dead skin and impurities are getting stuck on the surface of your skin. Our regimen that contains exfoliating ingredients will effectively clear the impurities to unclog your pores - the root cause of your acne. Hence you might see dead skin and impurities coming off when you first start using our products.

We completely understand that flaking is annoying. There is an easy way to get around this though: try washing your face with our cleanser once a day every other day for 1 week (for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to start). Then slowly increase to once a day every day for 1 week, then you can start using our cleanser twice a day every day. This will loosen up the dead skin gradually instead of all at once.

But remember: we’ve got your back. If at any point you experience something more significant than the reaction described above, or if you still suffer from flaking for more than 3 weeks, please let us know, and we can adjust your regimen accordingly for you!

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