4 simple tricks to reduce breakouts...

I love junk food as much as the next girl. I mean, just because I’m a skin care proponent doesn’t mean I can help myself around a bag of Doritos.

But, the truth is that to really break the cycle of acne, you have to break the cycle of junk food, too. That’s because as much as we complain about our acne, the reality that we never want to face is that healthy skin starts with a healthy body and mind in general.

These 4 little things might seem like mountains to overcome, but every step you take in the right direction is a step toward a clearer face.

Healthy diet: If the documentaries on Netflix haven’t already convinced you to ease back on the processed foods and junk snacks, maybe the embarrassment of having the acne of a teenager well into your 30s will be enough to motivate you to maintain a healthy diet full of veggies and healthy fats like omega-3, omega-6.

Work up a sweat regularly: Not only does cardio help you stay healthy and fight our fabulous changing metabolism *sarcasm*, sweating helps clear and keep your pores healthy

Reduce stress: Ok, when you stop laughing and making sarcastic remarks about, “Oh I would LOVE to reduce my stress, BECKY, but how am I supposed to do that with two kids, a new puppy eating all my shoes, and a boss that breathes down my neck every 30 minutes?! Not all of us can go tra-la-la-ing to Italy for 3 months!” Reducing stress can significantly improve your skin is all I’m saying. (And, my name is Britney…sorry just had to get that in there.)

Use non-toxic natural skin care: Ditch the parabens and other harsh chemicals. Skin care that focuses on skin health like Y’OURs (er, OURS, or…well you know that I mean) can help improve your skin quality, not just skin’s look

I wish I could help more with a magic wand to make your boss back off, your kids whine less, and make Doritos not taste so DANG good…you have to create a healthy lifestyle on your own. BUT we CAN help you find the best skin care so you have 1 less thing to worry about. Check it out here.

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