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You just started a new skin care routine and you see more acne than usual. At this point, you might start wondering: “What should I expect my skin to look like?”

If you’re experiencing purging, do not worry as it’s totally normal. Some people do easily break out when switching to a new skincare regimen - especially if your regimen contains Vitamin A (retinoids) and AHAs.

Purging is defined as an adjusting period when using new skincare. It’s really an accelerated rate of exfoliation brought on by an active ingredient that is doing its job. This means that if you have clogged pores, the surface all at once rather than surfacing continuously. This initial purging period generally goes away anywhere from 3 weeks (with AHAs and BHAs) to 6 weeks (with retinoids) and your skin gets better from then on. If your breakouts last longer than 3 months, the new acne you are getting is probably not from purging.

You can read more about purging here:

The AHA ingredient we included in your regimen is glycolic, it is known not only for its acne-clearing properties, but also for anti-aging properties:

We do believe despite the initial purging, this regimen will help your skin in the long run. Many people unsuccessfully treat acne because they stopped using the skincare immediately when they go through the purging period, and their skin never gets better. If you haven't found skincare that successfully helps with your acne, maybe this is the reason.

We completely understand the new zits are annoying, there is an easy way to get around this though! Try using the new skincare regimen every other day for 2 weeks before using it every day. This will help your skin gradually transition into the new skincare regimen rather than being shocked by the change.

But remember: we’ve got your back. If at any point you experience something more significant than the reaction described above, or if you still suffer from flaking for more than 3 weeks, please let us know, and we can adjust your regimen accordingly for you!

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