Why is Dr. Pimple Popper So Popular?

Nauseating close ups of puss and blood splurging out of clogged pores, cysts and boils—why would anyone want to watch this stuff? While this may be a boggling pass time for some, the fact remains that people—lots and lots of people—not only take pleasure from watching these videos, they make it a habitual activity.

Dr. Pimple Popper is a modern phenomenon, with 5.5 million people following her on her YouTube channel. Her up close squeezing is SO popular, in fact, that she was even picked up for a TV series in 2018! 

So what’s the deal? Why is she so popular? What is the fascination that people have with Dr. Pimple Popper? And is this phenomenon setting a good example of how to treat your skin?

The truth is, popping pimples really isn’t a good idea. And while a fascination with it is harmless, you’re better off watching it on TV and YouTube than participating in the practice at home on your own face. 


Who Is Dr. Pimple Popper & How Did She Become the Phenomenon She Is Today?

Dr. Pimple Popper is actually a trained doctor. Her name is Dr. Sandra Lee and she’s a dermatologist. After about 5 years of casually posting content to YouTube of routine procedures performed in her practice, she noticed how particularly popular her extraction videos were. She began to post extraction videos in more earnest—videos that show her squeezing puss from inflamed pimples, blackheads, dilated winers and cysts. And viewers go crazy for it! 

Seriously. They love it. She has over 5 million followers on YouTube, a line of merchandise and even has her own TV show, also called Dr. Pimple Popper.  But what’s the deal? 


Why Are People So Obsessed With Popping Pimples?

There are, in fact, lots of phycological theories to answer this question. It’s satisfying to see something that doesn’t belong inside the body removed. It gives a sense of pleasure to see things put right. It’s fascinating that so much pus can be hiding under the surface of the skin! Alternatively, it has also been likened to some individual’s attraction to horror movies. It gives a (maybe creepy) pleasure to see sick things. And for still others, they are attracted to the scientific, medical and educational aspect of the videos. The enjoy learning about the human body (it is rather amazing, after all!).

Whatever the reason, you probably all have someone in your life—whether a mom, a girlfriend, or you, yourself—who simply cannot resist a good pimple. It’s seriously like Christmas for these people! If they so much as catch wind of a juicy pimple on your back, they are finding a comfortable position behind you with their finger nails primed to make the squeeze!

These people are popaholics, as Dr. Pimple Popper affectionately refers to her followers. And while it is sort of weird, there’s no shame if you are a popaholic. You’re in good company! 

OK, but let’s get something straight: just because Dr. Pimple Popper does it, and just because you like watching it, does not make it ok for you to do it. For one thing, Dr. Pimple Popper is literally a trained doctor. Sure, she makes it look easy. But she has a mastery of tools and technique that you simply cannot reproduce at home. 

Just think about it: while popping pimples may be super satisfying—do you know what’s even more satisfying? Having clear skin!!! And popping your zits will not give you clear, glowing skin. Instead of becoming obsessed with popping pimples and squeezing blackheads, why not put that energy into figuring out the root cause of your acne problem? 

We’ve even made it super easy for you. Just take our skin quiz here. Not only will we ascertain the cause of your acne, we will even recommend a regime designed specifically to treat your unique skin! There is really no need to be tempted by the juicy white buggers beaming on your face. Just eliminate them and watch your obsession recede as fresh, clear skin emerges!

If you’re a true popaholic, you may be rolling your eyes and asking yourself, “what’s so bad about popping pimples, anyway?” Surely something that gives you sooo much pleasure can’t really be bad for your skin. Well, we’re glad you asked. 


Popping Pimples: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I know you do it. We all do it. Honestly, who can stand walking around all day with a hideous, juicy red and white zit practically reaching out and shaking the hand of everyone you meet before you get a chance to introduce yourself.

The truth is, popping pimples is nearly irresistible. And yet… why then do we hear so often that it’s bad, bad, BAD to pop your own zits?

Well, there are always different perspectives…

The Good

What’s the good of popping your pimples? 

Well, it’s obvious: you won’t have to walk around with a big, gross, pussy zit on your face. And, if you’re a popaholic, you’ll have the instant satisfaction of squeezing the gross little thing, and watching all the pus and ick come out.

The Bad

Perhaps you popped your pimple and the puss is gone. But you will still have a bloody hole on your face, or a scab. Furthermore, when you don’t know what you’re doing, you are at risk of pushing the bacteria and pus deeper into your skin, which will cause more swelling and redness—and ultimately take longer to heal! 

The Ugly

If the tool you used to pop your pimple is not sterile—such as your fingers!!—it can lead to infection. Even if the tool isn’t dirty, that now open, bloody hole on your face is quite susceptible to infection. Infection often leads to scarring. Which is long term, people! Even permanent. 

In short, the good is short term relief. The ugly is long term skin problems. That’s why most dermatologists will warn you away from popping your zits. They have good reason—protecting your skin from trauma!

The absolute best thing you can do for your skin is to forego the short-term glee of watching pus ooze out of your pores, and instead put your energy into learning how to work with your skin. It wants to be healthy! So often, it is merely a means of switching up your skin care regime to suit your skin type—cause just because something works for one person will not guarantee it will work for you!

Take the skin quiz here to find out what type of skin care will be best suited to your unique skin and skin issues. 


And If You MUST Pop Your Pimples? At Least Read This First

Ok, so you’ve read all our advice about not popping your pimples. You know it isn’t going to solve your problems. You know it’s only treating the superficial problem and can even cause more problems. Your dermatologist told you, your mom told you, you read it in your beauty magazine—but you don’t care. Nothing is going to make you go out on that date tonight with a big, juicy pimple on your face. 

Ok, fine. We don’t recommend it, but if you’re going to do it—at least do it with as little damage to your skin as possible! You basically want to ensure that you take care of business with as little brute force, and within as sterile an environment as possible, to avoid infection and scarring. 

To remove the puss, you’ll first want a warm, wet, and CLEAN washcloth. Hold it to your pimple for 10 minutes, reheating as needed. Now clean the area of your skin where you’ll be working with an alcohol swab. Next, take a sterilized needle and make a teeny tiny drain hole in the clogged pore. Use sterile Q-tips (NOT fingers!!) to drain, by pressing gently. Finally, clean the area again with an alcohol swab. 

Ok, so it’s done. It’s popped! You can breathe easy. 

Now, may we pretty please urge you to take further steps now that you’re not obsessing over your pimple? Because, seriously, the only way to really treat your acne is to treat the cause. Take our customized skin quiz to get a skin care kit that is uniquely aimed at your skin issues and your skin type, in your environment. 

Try a skin care regime that is really aimed at resolving your problem skin so you don’t never have to deal with the question of “to pop, or not to pop” ever again! Instead of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, choose the 3rd option: get rid of your acne completely by treating the root cause!

Y’our Skin is made with natural ingredients and formulated by geeky skin scientists to really work. You deserve beautiful skin, and it really can be yours!


Dr. Pimple Popper: Watch, Don’t Emulate!

In conclusion, if you like to geek out on pus extraction videos—hey, we aren’t judging. There is certainly satisfaction in seeing that icky guck removed from skin. Just try to keep the geek-out sessions to your computer screen and not to your mirror and your own pores! 

When it comes to having beautiful, glowing skin, the real key is finding out and treating the root cause of your skin condition. So instead of torturing your skin day after day, why not just take care of it on a day to day basis and watch the transformation! You’re not alone— Y’OUR skin care is here to help! 

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