Don’t burn your face with DIY aspirin mask

So the other day I was talking to my friend Maggie, and she was telling me about this facial she tried where she ground up aspirin and turmeric into yogurt and pasted it on her face. I’m sorry - what?!

She’s not the only one – it’s been all over Pinterest, and people have been swearing by it and asking me what I think.

Wanna know what I think?

I think it’s a little dangerous, to be honest.

Did you know aspirin also has another name - acetylsalicylic acid. Does that sound kinda familiar? Acelyl… salicylic acid. That’s right, aspirin is salicylic acid’s cousin, and it has the same of many wonderful properties salicylic acid has, like exfoliation and anti-inflammation.

Since the 2 are so similar, shouldn’t we ditch salicylic acid face wash all together and go for aspirin? Not so fast.

Salicylic acid face washes are usually created with a “safe” concentration that gives us all the benefits without overly irritating your skin.

Know what doesn’t? Crushing up aspirin on your own, all willy nilly, and slapping some homemade ointment on your face. You have no control of how strong your mask is, and the wrong concentration can cause over-exfoliation and cause your skin to burn.

I’m not saying that I don’t love a good DIY herbal facial. But aspirin isn’t herbal – it’s a chemical. A strong medication. And if you are comfortable playing guesswork with chemicals ON YOUR FACE then, you know, whatever. We can’t be friends.

Just kidding, we can totally still be friends but if you come at me with a bright red face, I may or may not say, “I told you so.”

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