What the heck is bacon-face

Ever heard of “bacon-face?” That’s when your skin is so oily you could fry bacon on it. It’s a nasty little joke my friends and I used - although it was usually self-deprecating humor.

Every morning I’d wake up, look in the mirror and think,

“Ughhhhh… looks like I’ll be caking on the make-up thick today.”

And what’s really gross is that no matter what products I used in the morning, by noon, there was the bacon-face.

Yeah, gross, sorry.

No, I’m not sorry. I’m the one with the bacon-face.

Anyway, the point is that it took me SIX YEARS of working in the skin care industry to figure out my secret stash of skin care products. I went through tons of trial and error and bathroom sob-fests when “the latest and greatest” product would fail me yet again.

So my awesome-sauce secret is so simple that I feel stupid admitting that this was an ‘aha’ moment for me: everyone has different skin, different lifestyles, and live in different environments – our skin care products need to be individualized too, don’t they? I mean, just look at how many different make-up options there are to color-match skin tones and address skin types! Shouldn’t your facewash and lotion be individualized too?

So what if your bestie loves the one in the pink bottle from Walgreens? Or your mom swears by the minty fresh one from the mall. What works for them might not work for you, and the only way you find out is after wasting the money and 3-4 months of your life waiting to see if the results will start to show.

Y’OUR customized skin care kit is waiting for you – all done up with mix-and-matched ingredients to fit what you told us about in the Skin Quiz.

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