7 major skin care sins you’re making every morning

Have you ever heard the saying that your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day? The same is true for your morning skin care routine! There are sneaky little sins creeping their way into your morning skin care routine that you may have not even been aware of.

It’s important to start the day off on the right foot, so make sure you are utilizing your personalized skin care routine & AVOIDING these 7 skin care sins.

1. You’re over-cleansing. While cleansing is good in moderation, too much of it can can strip away your natural protective oils, causing red, blotchy irritation. Instead of a full cleanse, try rinsing your face with water only & just enough of a scrub to remove the accumulated dirt & dead skin from the night before.

2. Reusing the same washcloth. The warm, moisture dense environment of a used washcloth is a breeding ground for bacteria & mold. Use the same washcloth the next day? You guessed it: you’re transferring those gross particles straight onto your clean skin.

3. Not using sunscreen. Mornings can be hectic and it can be easy to skip this important step. However, applying sunscreen each day is setting your skin up for success in the long-term. No time to apply a layer of sunscreen? Opt for a moisturizer or foundation with built-in SPF & it won’t cost any extra time.

4. Using incorrect cleaning motions. Getting your skin circulating first thing in the morning is key to looking & feeling like you got that extra hour of sleep. To achieve this, make sure you are moving your fingers in small, circular motions over your skin during facial cleansing.

5. Waiting too long to apply products. The best time to apply toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, & whatever additional products you use is immediately after cleansing. This ensures that that your skin is damp, your pores are open & the products are able to penetrate below the surface.

6. Piling on too many different products. Too many good things really can be bad. Often times using products with multiple active ingredients can cause redness, inflammation, and peeling. To avoid this, introduce only one new product at a time & allow a full minute between layerings.

7. Going out of order. There is a correct sequence to apply product for maximum results! First, you cleanse. Then you apply serum, sunscreen, moisturizer & last but not least, eye cream. This order ensures each product is optimized for maximum efficiency.

You’ll probably think twice before reach for that day-old washcloth or layering tons of product, right? By avoiding these 7 skin care sins & sticking to Y'OUR personalized skin care regimen, you will be setting your skin up for success from the moment you wake up.

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