Customer FAQs

I. Products
Can I tweak my formula after receiving the products?

Yes, we’re here to make sure that your skin gets exactly what it needs. Whether your formula is too strong, too weak, or just not targeting the right problems, we can help. Your skin consultant will work with you until you’re completely satisfied.

Email to let us know what’s wrong. We’ll ask for selfies, confirm your skin quiz answers, share personal advice, and tweak your formulas as needed.

My lifestyle and goals changed – can you update my formula?

Whether you’re newly pregnant, exercising more, or moving to a new city, Y’OUR skincare will grow and change with you. Email your skincare consultant at to update your skin quizresults, share the news, and get free formula tweaks as needed.

Can I refill my products? I ran out too soon.

Our shipments are sized to last for three months, but sometimes it’s a little hard to pace yourself - we totally understand. There are two refill options to choose from:

- Paid. In your account, click ‘pay for refills’ to purchase individual products with a one-time fee.
- Free. We reward loyalty. In your account, click ‘request free refills’ to commit to your next shipment and get refills at no additional cost. If you decide to cancel your subscription after receiving the refills, you will be retroactively charged for them.

Can I use other products along with Y-OUR regimen?

We developed our simple 4-step skin care system to meet all your skin needs. Y’OUR Skincare works best when used together, because other brands may contain duplicate ingredients, or have “filler” ingredients that your skin doesn’t really need. However, if you can’t live without certain other skincare products, you can absolutely incorporate Y’OUR into your existing routine. If you have a specific product question, please get in touch with our team at

Can I wear makeup with Y’OUR skincare?

Yes, yes, yes. Just remember to use makeup remover to clean your face before applying Y’OUR skincare products. We also recommend avoiding makeup that contains salicylic acid (BHA), especially while your skin is adjusting to the new formulas.

Are Y’OUR products safe for pregnant and nursing women?

Congratulations! Yes – we can help you design a pregnancy-safe regimen. Pregnancy can increase skin sensitivity and complicate concerns, so let us know what you’re experiencing. We’ll update and adjust the formula for free to best fit your needs. Of course, we also recommend consulting with your doctor before use

How does the “Early Shipment” work?

If your products are running low, don’t worry. You can request an early shipment via your Account as early as 20 days before your next scheduled shipment date.

** Note that you will not receive your next scheduled shipment if you Request an early shipment. Requesting an early shipment will not immediately trigger your next invoice as you’re billed at your regular billing date. If you cancel your subscription after receiving the early shipment, you’re still required to pay for the early shipment you received.

II. Skin Concerns
How long will it take to see results?

Dedication and patience are absolutely essential, especially when treating acne and the signs of aging. Most users notice improvements within 2 to 6 weeks, but the transformation can take time.

If you still haven’t seen results or aren’t satisfied with your progress after 8 weeks, please contact us at We will ask for skin selfies, discuss your skin quiz results, review your progress, and offer free formula tweaks until you get the results you want.

My skin seems dry - is it because of the exfoliation process?

That’s a common symptom, and it means that the system is working. During the first few weeks, you might notice temporary flaking while your skin sheds layers of dead cells and impurities.

If the transition is uncomfortable, we recommend using the cleanser every other day for a week, and then gradually shifting to twice per day.

Click here to read our Skincare 101 blog about this. You can also email to talk to a specialist.

I think I’m experiencing purging. What can I do?

This transition is difficult – we totally understand. It’s hard to hear, but purging is often an inevitable step in your acne treatment. Your symptoms might get worse before they get better, but that’s proof that your skin is adjusting and healing. Click here to read about it on our skincare 101 blog.

25% of acne-prone customers notice new zits that pop up 1 to 2 weeks after starting their personalized formula. Purging can last for up to 6 weeks, and we recommend gradually adopting the regimen to lessen the negative effects. Try using the products every other day and then slowly building up to the recommended system.

If you still notice signs of purging after 6 weeks, let us know at We’ll ask for skin selfies, provide personal advice, and tweak your formula as need.

My cleanser is low-foam. Is it good?

Your low-foam cleanser is carefully formulated by experts to match a specific pH that is more soothing and effective for your skin. Because of this attention to pH, the cleanser won’t foam or lather much.

We believe foaming agents often dry out your skin and remove your skin’s natural protective barrier. When your skin loses its natural protective barrier, it is more prone to bacteria attack. That’s why we give you a personalized low-foam cleanser that would be much healthier for your skin in the long run. And it still cleans skin like a pro - you just need time to get used to this new texture.

My day cream leaves a white cast. How can I avoid it?

We carefully choose titanium dioxide, a great SPF option that provides full broad-spectrum protection for your skin. But it is possible to have coverage sans white cast. The white cast occurs because titanium dioxide, which is white, stays on your skin’s surface to reflect harmful UV rays. There are ways, of course, to minimize its appearance. See our best tips ahead:

Damp Skin is Key

Always apply your face cream to damp skin as damp skin absorbs the product more readily.

Layer If You Must

It’s okay to top your SPF day cream with a loose or pressed powder that can help offset the white cast.

We also have an exclusive guide to walk you through how to properly apply your day cream moisturizer. Check it out here.

My skin is clear. Can I stop using Y’OUR?

Good skin takes commitment. And we can assure you that the time, cost and effort for prevention is always better than cure. Additionally, skin is vulnerable to both internal (hormonal) and external (environment) changes, thus we highly recommend that you stick to a skin care system that is personalized to you and can be changed in accordance with the changes in your daily life too.

If you feel like you have other skin concerns that you would like your regimen to target instead of the initial concern when you first started the regimen, please let us know. We would be more than happy to look into adjusting the formula for you.

III. Shipping & Billing
Do you offer returns or refunds?

No, we do not accept any returns or process refunds because our personalized skincare systems are designed specifically for you.

If you are unhappy with your results, please email us at to take advantage of our free formula tweaks. We will work with you, update formulas, and send additional products until you are completely satisfied, all at no additional cost.

Does the subscription automatically renew?

Yes. We believe in long-term results and consistent skincare, so your order will automatically enroll you in a recurring 3-month subscription.

How can I manage my subscription settings?

Log into your account or email our team at to update your payment details, shipping address, and payment plan.

Can I pause, delay, or cancel my subscription?

Of course. Email us at to change your subscription status at least 4 days before the renewal date. We can pause, delay, and stop future shipments.

Keep in mind that processed or shipped orders cannot be cancelled, and you will still be charged remaining payments for the previous shipment if you are paying in monthly installments.

What is the frequency of my shipments?

Either payment plan you’ve chosen, we auto-ship every 3 months when your subscription renews. For an exact date, please check in on your Account Page > Next shipment date.

I moved to another country, can my subscription box still be shipped?

We’re dedicated to ensuring you receive your shipment no matter where you go. Make sure to email us at so we’re able to continue delivering your treatment.

Can I change my address anytime?

It is important to keep your address updated so your shipments arrive at the right place on time.

Update your address at any time on your Account, or by notifying our support team at When updating your info, be sure to make changes at least 2 full business days before your next shipment date.

Important: Once a shipment gets shipped (meaning that it has been transferred to our shipping carrier), you can’t make any address updates to this order. If your shipment is in transit to an incorrect address, reach out to USPS directly. They can help forward this shipment to you.

Applicable taxes

Sale taxes are added where required by law. The sale tax charged will go to the state and not to us. If you have questions about a recent invoice, please contact us at for more information.

My order has been processed, can I postpone it?

A shipment that has already been processed cannot be canceled. Once it is purchased it is sent to our lab to be formulated. Because of this please adjust your shipments or cancel your subscription a minimum of 4 days ahead of a new shipment to ensure these changes can be applied in time.

If you’re simply not ready for your next shipment, please email us to postpone your next shipment. **Note these changes will apply only to upcoming shipments, not shipments that have already been purchased.

Canceling or pausing your account will not cancel any shipments that have already been purchased and sent for processing.